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November  2023
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National Bird Show Members,

I would like to introduce myself and the board of NBS 2023.  I am Frank Horan and have been on the board for 8 years.  I was the First VP for 5 of those years.  Usually, you see me but may not know me by name.  I have become president by default and until the board has it’s first in-person meeting this year, I will do my utmost to keep things running and prepare for NBS 2023. Which also coincides with the 75 year of the organization.  We have a full board of dedicated, hard-working members who hold success, longevity, and the status of the society as a priority.  Your board members are:


Chase Austin, TX                               Laura Bewley, OK

Deborah Eaton, TX

Wendy Edwards, NC

Frank Horan, NY

Josh Maple, NC

Rebecca Mikel, MI

Danny Maldonado, CT

Jane Muscato, IL

John Muscato, IL

Lauren Ogburn, FL

Tony Ruiz, IL

Jim Pickel, KS

Vicky Pickel, KS

Henry Vela, TX

Dean Reyes, FL

Robert Wild, IL


Along with Higgins, our sponsor, we plan to make the 2023 NBS a roaring success.  At the moment, we are searching for a site to hold the show.  The St Louis area is where we started.  We are looking in all directions with St Louis as the center of our search area.  As soon as we have a location you will be informed, so keep your calendars open for our usual November event.

Due to circumstances created by a renegade show who designed their event to cause harm to the National cagebird show, the National organization took a big hit to our finances.  Where once we could afford some extras, we now must operate with a shoestring budget.  The belts will have to be tightened, for a while anyway, until the damage caused by the division and outright animosity is repaired.  All our bills will be paid, our scholarships are secure, and there is a small operating budget for the next show.  Your help is paramount for the recovery of our stability and our continued success.  Check out the “Relocation Donation” link on the website.

In conclusion, I will see you all in November.  Have a healthy New Year and a great breeding season.

Frank Horan

Just The Facts


The 2022 National Bird show in Tulsa, OK had 910 bird entries:

Division 1: 22 Borders

Division 2: 16 Glosters

Division 3: 80 Type Canaries

Division 4: 48 Old Variety Canaries

Division 5: 23 American Type

Division 6: 90 Fifes

Division 7: 11 Staffords

Division 8: 9 Lipochrome

Division 9: 26 Melanin

Division 10: 19 Melanin New Color

Division 11: 114 Finches and Softbills

Division 12: 69 Rare & Eye-ring L. B.

Division 13: 71 Peach-faced L. B.

Division 14: 92 Cockatiels

Division 15 111 American Singers

Division 16 40 German Roller Canaries

Division 17 16 Spanish Timbrados

In an online discussion the BOD voted to suspend the Articles of Incorporation ( Bylaws) for 2023 in order to reorganize the BOD and conduct business. A BOD meeting was scheduled for January 8, 2023 with a three item agenda:

Treasurer’s Show and Financial Report:

Show Income: $ 42,577.87

Show Expenses: $ 66,971.97

Loss $24,394.10

Current funds available:


$ 4,606.51

Money market Act.

$ 22,421.38

Money available:

$ 27,027.89

Of the money available $ 7,000 is earmarked for future scholarship payments.

Item 1. 2023 Show: After much discussion and questioning the BOD decided to attempt to stage a show in 2023 and to hold Zoom meetings every other week until the spring Meeting.

Item 2. There were three resignations form the Board of Directors and one member who’s term was up chose not to seek reelection. There was a need to fill the BOD vacancies. Laura Bewley was nominated from the floor at the annual meeting in November and will fill one of the BOD positions. Vice President Frank Horan accepted other names for consideration.

Item 3. Appoint a show site search committee; Mr. Horan appointed Robert Wild, John Muscato and Tony Ruiz to the search committee.

In the time following the 1/8/23 meeting the search committee contacted the convention and visitors bureaus in the following cities:

Dayton OH St. Louis, MO Nashville, TN

Cincinnati, OH Memphis, TN Louisville, KY

Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL Hickory NC

They also made contact with known properties in the Chicago area and will be contacting properties that offered contacts in the last search.

There has been a second board meeting (January 22, 2023)

The Bod appointed Laura Bewley, Vicki Pickel, Henry Vela and Lauren Ogburn to the BOD Both Laura and Henry have previous BOD experience and are ready to work. Vicki and Lauren will prove fresh eyes to help us reach our goal.

In the wide view search the committee is asking for any week end in November to early December except Thanksgiving week end.

A property in Memphis, TN has offered a proposal for 12/7-12/9. It was a good opening proposal but the BOD decided against the date.

The convention center in Dayton is available on our normal date and several questions remain to be answered.

That is where we stand,

Robert Wild

NBS Historian

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Thursday,  November

Tag Sales and Registration

Friday, November 

6 AM

Show Hall Opens for Exhibitors

Show Judging

10 AM

Show Hall Opens for Public

6 PM

Show Hall Closes

7:00 PM


Saturday, November 

6 AM

Show Hall Opens to Exhibitors

9 AM - 5 PM

Club Meetings

Show Hall Opens to Public

11:00 AM

Best in Show Judging

7 PM

Checkout of Birds By Groups

Sunday, November 

Safe Travel Home!


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