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November  2021
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Hello NBS Family,

One year ago, today our NBS family was converging on the Pheasant Run Resort, in the city of St. Charles, Illinois. We were about to hold arguably the best NBS show in our history. Little did we know that this was to be our last show at Pheasant Run.


Shortly after arriving the Board was informed that the hotel was going up for sale at the first of the year. Then, after the first of the year, the resort went to auction and did not meet the reserve, so the resort was demolished.  So sad because it was such a great venue for us for 5 years.


Shortly after the first of the year we started hearing about something called “the coronavirus” that was spreading at alarming rates.  We soon realized that it would turn into the 100-year pandemic we know as the “Covid-19” virus.  We saw an unprecedented “Stay at Home” order nationwide.  Terms like asymptomatic, social distancing, contact tracing, antibodies would soon become part of our normal dialect.  Restaurants, bars, hair salons, sporting events and many more every day means of enjoyment were halted.  Some have still not returned. Some businesses may never return. A surge in unemployment was seen and many of our friends and families are still struggling to recover.


The NBS board had to make the extremely difficult decision to cancel the 2020 show. We regretted having to do it, but we really had no choice.  We also saw partners like AFA cancel their convention, the Canadian National was cancelled as well as many other local shows.  Many shows in Europe began cancelling.  The Mondial (World Show) Show was originally slated to have their show in January near Valencia, Spain.  It was going to be cancelled and then the Portuguese Committee offered to host the show near Lisbon.  Shortly after announcing that the show was moved, the COM had to sadly cancel due in part by the COVID increases across Europe.


Can a show be held in the coming months?  Maybe.  But I feel it’s irresponsible to promote that risk.  Large crowds with persons travelling from multiple places is increasing the possibility of virus spread.  If everyone follows the same protocols and protects themselves and others it is possible to have a large gathering.  The logistics would be a nightmare. Sadly, there will be no show in 2020.  As much as all of us look forward you our yearly gathering to show our birds, see old friends, make new friends, we will have to skip the year 2020.  I know I speak for a lot of you, let’s get this year behind us and move on.


Now, what’s in the future?  Of course, we have no idea what 2021 brings. As for NBS, I wanted to give you some insight in what we are working on.  First, I need to apologize for the tardiness of the Show Results newsletter.  I will have it out soon.  Next, the NBS Board is planning a Spring/March Meeting.  We don’t know yet if it will be virtual or in person.  We can’t make that decision until we get closer to March.  At this meeting we will be deciding on the 2021 show.  We hope to have some more insight by that time.  Our goal is to be able to host a show, but I need to be honest, it will most likely be something very different than what we are used to.  But we’ll see what the future brings. The Board is also looking to possible host a virtual Board meeting in the next month.  But we are just in the beginning stage of that.  We are currently having some conversations via email to decide some specifics like membership dues, elections etc.  Stay tuned for some news soon.


So, in closing, I want to say on behalf of the entire NBS Board of Directors, we miss you!  We hope we get to see you all again in the near future.  Please stay safe and don’t be a strange. In fact, I have a personal challenge for everyone that reads this post on Facebook or the website.  Here it is:


We all probably have a bird at home that we are saying “Damn, I wished the National Bird Show was still on.  This bird looks good!”.  I want you all to respond with a photo of that bird to this post. Let’s see it!  Just because we can’t have a show doesn’t mean we can’t be proud.


Yours in the Hobby

Gary Morgan on behalf of the entire NBS Board


Thursday,  November 

10 AM

Tag Sales and Registration

7 PM

OVCA Seminar

Friday, November 

6 AM

Show Hall Opens for Exhibitors

Show Judging

10 AM

Show Hall Opens for Public

TASC  Entry Fee or NBS Membership for Hall Entry

6 PM

Show Hall Closes

7:00 PM


Saturday, November 

6 AM

Show Hall Opens to Exhibitors

9 AM - 5 PM

Club Meetings

Show Hall Opens to Public

11:00 AM

Best in Show Judging

7 PM

Checkout of Birds By Groups

Sunday, November 

Safe Travel Home!


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