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November  2021
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NOTICE:   Cancellation of 2020 National Bird Show

June 12, 2020


NBS Friends and Family,


  Hello.   I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy? When we started 2020 NBS was faced with the fact that we had lost our show venue, Pheasant Run.  We were confident we would be able to find a new venue and continue presenting a top-quality show.  The Future Show Sites committee worked many hours and found some decent possibilities.  Little did we know that soon things would change drastically.


  In the Spring of this year we started hearing about COVID-19 or the Corona Virus.  Initially I think we all viewed this as just a nasty flu.  Who would have known that this virus would threaten our liberties and the freedoms to do what we wanted, where we wanted and not have to consciously think about our next move? Social Distancing, Face Masks, Incident Tracking, Transmission Paths etc. are now part of our everyday lives. I am the kind of person that likes to greet people with a handshake and now that seems almost shameful. We live in a different world now. A world where you need to carry face coverings to enter a business and hand sanitizer use is a common practice.  It’s highly likely that we may never have the freedoms we enjoyed prior to this virus.


 When the “Stay at Home” orders were imposed, we saw a shutdown like most of us have never experienced. Venues closing, sports halted, restaurants closed, social gatherings prohibited, and other items created an uncertainty in life that has taken its toll on many.  Hotels, Fairgrounds, Halls etc. shut down indefinitely.  Events of all proportions cancelled.  This has caused us to not be able to continue our search for a new venue. AFA cancelled their Convention, most Local bird shows have cancelled.  Many of the large shows in Europe are also cancelling their shows this year.


  This Board of Directors held on to hope that something would happen that allowed us to host a show in 2020.  Unfortunately, that has not happened. We toiled over whether a pared down show was better than no show at all?  Whether we wanted to use funds to host a sub-par show just to host a show this year? So, just this week, your NBS Board voted unanimously to cancel the 2020 show and put all our efforts into the 2021 show.  Come back in full force and host a show that’s even better than before! We also felt it was our responsibility that since we don’t know what the next few months will bring, that for the safety and health of our members, it was in everyone’s best interest.


  This is our promise to you, we will do everything in our power to keep the prestige and tradition of the National Bird Show going.  We will expend our energy to find a venue and host a show in 2021 that we are all proud of.  We will be communicating with you along the way and stay in touch. We will start with getting the Show Report mailed to you in the coming weeks.  We will be looking at having a Board meeting this Fall to concentrate on venue selection and plan our 2021 show.


  This is a crazy world we live in right now. We are all stressed and trying to deal with how we live.  The recent incident with George Floyd in Minneapolis was likely fueled by the stress we all have.  Let’s hope we all come out of this virus and the other issue on the other side better people.  That we treat each other better.  That we value lives and opinions better.  PLEASE all be safe.


On behalf of the entire NBS Board,

Gary Morgan – President NBS


Thursday,  November 

10 AM

Tag Sales and Registration

7 PM

OVCA Seminar

Friday, November 

6 AM

Show Hall Opens for Exhibitors

Show Judging

10 AM

Show Hall Opens for Public

TASC  Entry Fee or NBS Membership for Hall Entry

6 PM

Show Hall Closes

7:00 PM


Saturday, November 

6 AM

Show Hall Opens to Exhibitors

9 AM - 5 PM

Club Meetings

Show Hall Opens to Public

11:00 AM

Best in Show Judging

7 PM

Checkout of Birds By Groups

Sunday, November 

Safe Travel Home!


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