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November 12-15 , 2020
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NBS Members,


First of all, hope you all had a happy holiday season no matter how you observe it.  I hope the new year brings you lots of Higgins winners.


When we left Pheasant Run in November we had a lot to think about.  First, the election for your Board of Directors.  We had 6 nominees for the election.  2 from the floor (Alan Dean and Dave Arthur) and the 4 incumbents (Laura Bewley, Daniel Maldonado, John Muscato and Tony Ruiz).  Last month Alan and Laura contacted me and decided to withdraw for personal reasons.  So Daniel, John, Tony and Dave will be your new Directors serving a 4 year term.  I want to thank Laura for her years of service on this Board and hope we have the privilege to have her back in the future.


As we head into the new year, the Board of Directors face a great challenge.  We were informed, at the show, that Pheasant Run was being placed up for sale/auction.  The future of our show being held there isn’t known until after the auction on January 27th.  The likelihood we will be able to stay there this year is low.  So, the Future Show Site committee NBS had about 6 years ago has been resurrected.  We are currently looking at over 50 properties.  To the first order, we are looking if they are even available for 2020, then the years beyond that, then location, then how well they can accommodate us to what we have now, then cost to host it there.  This committee has to do a lot of research on the next few months so we have a few good selections to choose from at the Spring Board meeting.  So, it goes without saying, the 2020 show will probably be in a different location and look different.  But we are trying very hard to solve the challenge.  Stay tuned.



Gary Morgan

President –National Bird Show


Thursday,  November 12

10 AM

Tag Sales and Registration

7 PM

OVCA Seminar

Friday, November 13

6 AM

Show Hall Opens for Exhibitors

Show Judging

10 AM

Show Hall Opens for Public

TASC  Entry Fee or NBS Membership for Hall Entry

6 PM

Show Hall Closes

7:00 PM


Saturday, November 14

6 AM

Show Hall Opens to Exhibitors

9 AM - 5 PM

Club Meetings

Show Hall Opens to Public

11:00 AM

Best in Show Judging

7 PM

Checkout of Birds By Groups

Sunday, November 15

Safe Travel Home!


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