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Ignacio Perea

After years of competing as a member of the National Bird Show and winning numerous awards, including the Best in Division award, he became a Director on the NBS baord and international bird judge.  One of his proudest accomplishments was in 2002 when his company, Higgins Premium Pet Foods, took over the sponsorship of the National Bird Show and still remains the sponsor 14 years later.

Harold Sodamann

Harold held many positions in NBS.  Harold pioneered some of the NBS programs you are familiar with like the Booster Buttons and the Honorary Board Membership program.  He recently served the Board as the Inaugural Honorary Board Member.  He was a staunch supporter of the NBS and his leadership guided us for many years.  He made a notable impact on all of us.

Roland Dubuc

Roland and his partner, Lee Horton, pioneered Love Birds in the US. Together they founded the African Love Bird Society.  They were instrumental  in acquiring their own Division after the L. A. NBS. He was an accomplished judge and presided over the Love birds and Parrot Divisions over the years at NBS.  Roland loved the social  aspect of the National and was so excited to attend this year's show. He will be missed by many.

Sheldon Dingle

Most everyone knows Sheldon from his involvement with the AFA Watchbird and the ASA Bulletin. He was a pioneer in the Avian publication community.  His use of professional photography and articles of substance elevated the Watchbird, and later the ASA Bulletin to a level most of us had never seen before.  His editorial columns were always filled with wit.

Vince Huntington

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you of yet another loss to our NBS family. Last Thursday Vince Huntington passed away suddenly. Most everyone at NBS knew Vince and had a valued friendship with him.  Always full of wit, that ever present smile, jovial attitude and of course, his furry friend tucked under his arm at all times.  Vince was a staunch supporter of NBS.  He and Sally have had great success showing at the NBS and reached the pinnacle by winning the Pat Scannell award in Santa Clara in 2002 with a stunning Pekin Robin.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Sally and the entire Huntington family and friends. Vince was a great man and will be missed dearly.

Patrick Joseph Kane 

NCBS Board is sad to announce the passing of Pat Kane.  Pat was a treasured member and beloved by all.  His beautiful Norwich won many awards. He won a Kellogg and Scannell with a Norwich in 1981. He always willing to share his beautiful birds.  We will miss him.

October 12, 1930 ~ September 15, 2017 (age 86)

Paul Dee

NBS Family,


It is with great sorrow that I must inform you that we have lost another of our extended family.  This past Tuesday Paul Dee passed away peacefully surrounded by his family.  Paul was a fantastic example of what makes NBS so great.  A great breeder, exhibitor, judge and friend of many in the fancy.  Paul had also served on the NBS board.  Many who may not know him surely recognize his face as he attended many of the shows over the years.  He was an acclaimed with his Border Fancy canaries.  He will be greatly missed.


Dorothy Eggers

NBS Members

It is with great sadness that I inform you all that this past week we lost a very dear friend and past NBS Board member, Dorothy Eggers. Many of you may not have known Dorothy, because recently her health kept her from attending, but she has a long history with our NBS family
In 1985 she attended her first National Cage Bird Show held in San Antonio. The following years her and her dear friend Debbie Eaton made the annual trek to shows across the US from San Diego, California to Buffalo, New York and everywhere in between. Many times they could be seen in the Board meetings. Dorothy was instrumental in the NCBS held at Houston in 1993. She served on the NBS Board from 1995 to 2005. She served her entire tenure as the Membership Chairman. While on the NCBS Board, she became interested in the special Song breeds of Canaries and was instrumental in adding song Divisions such as the Spanish Timbrados and German Waterslagers to the National Show. Dorothy will be dearly missed. She always had a smile on her face.

Rest in peace Dorothy.
Respectfully submitted,
NBS Board of Director

Tony Guiomar

NBS members,


It is with deep sorrow that we inform you of another of our NBS family passing. Long time exhibitor, NBS member and accomplished Canary breeder Tony Guiomar has passed away. Tony was a staple of the show for many years, specializing in many Old Variety breeds.  Those of you that may not know the name will certainly recognize the face in the picture. 

Vanessa Johnson

NBS members,


Last week we lost one of our NBS family members.  Vanessa Johnson passed away unexpectedly. Many of you probably remember her whipping around in her scooter.  Always that smile on her face and always pitching in to help. Her and her husband Jerry were a constant for many years at the National. They specialized in Canaries. I believe they visited the St. Charles location a few years ago.  We will miss her infectious smile, her positive attitude and her shared love of the birds that bind us all together in our hobby.


May she rest in peace and our condolences go out to Jerry and the rest of her family.  Below is a link to her online obituary.

Bonnie Cain

NBS Members,


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of Bonnie Williams-Cain (Shown with her beloved dog Cookie).  Bonnie had been battling some heath issues over the last few months and she passed this morning.  Many of you know Bonnie and her involvement in the National Bird Show.

  Bonnie served this organization in many aspects.  She was an Exhibitor, Judge, Board Member, Treasurer, Catalog Chairman, Vice President (1999-2001), President (2002-2007), Future Show Site Chair and Honorary Board Member (2008). Bob Wild found records of her first being a Board member in 1979.  Bonnie brought structure and organization to the NBS Board.  I personally remember her, Paul Williams, and I in a hotel room in Michigan at a show.  Ray Rudisill, acting NBS treasurer, had recently met a tragic death and Bonnie was taking over as treasurer.  There were boxes strewn all over the floor of receipts and checks.  Within a few weeks she had a complete balanced set of books that is now the baseline for our accounting.

  Bonnie served other societies as well.  She was a Charter member and Vice President of the National Colorbred Society for many years and was a certified Colorbred Judge and authority of Colorbred. She judged Hartz and Type numerous times at the NBS and countless times at local shows across the United States and Canada.

  Bonnie raised Norwich, Old Varieties Crest and Crestbred, Columbus Fancy, Red Lipochrome and Recessive White and European Finches.

  Bonnie was active in this hobby in so many ways.  Her legacy will not be forgotten anytime soon. I know she touched many of you and she will be missed.

On behalf of the National Bird Show Board of Directors,

Rest in Peace Bonnie


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