And the Winners for 2013 are.  .  .  . 


Scannell Trophy Winner
Robert & Nora Trincado
Best Foreign Bird Trophy
Gary Morgan & Denise Cook
Best Song Bird Trophy
David Bopp


Division 1: Border Canary
Luis Belchior
Division 2: Gloster Canary
Winfield Checkley
Division 3: Type Canary
Tony Ruiz
Division 4: Old Varieties Canary
Tony Guiomar
Division 5: Hartz Canary
Mary Ann Buckles
Division 6: Fife Canary
Jeremy Faria
Division 7: Stafford Canary
Donna Minor
Division 8: Lipochrome Canary
Robert & Nora Trincado
Division 9: Classic Melanin Canary
Robert & Nora Trincado
Division 10 New Color Canary
Fred & Claudio Gatto
Division 11: Finches & Softbills
Sally & Vince Huntington
Division 12: Parrot
Gary Morgan & Denise Cook
Division 13: Rare & Eyering Lovebirds
Jim Munis
Division 14: Peachfaced Lovebirds
Linda Brandt
Division 15: Cocatiels
Chris Orowitz
Division 16: American Singer Canary
Judy Snider
Division 17: German Roller Canary
Richard May
Division 18: Spanish Timbrado Canary
Miguel Pina
Division 19: Youth
Joseph Ashworth

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